REVIEW: KLB Raspberry Wheat by Amsterdam Brewery

The beer that made Peterborough famous.
The beer that made Peterborough famous.


  • STYLE: Fruit / Wheat Beer
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • IBU: 14
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Toronto
  • BREWERY: Amsterdam Brewery

From Amsterdam Brewery;

The perfect balance of German Perle hops, wheat malt, and raspberry infusion gives KLB Raspberry Wheat its signature aroma and unforgettable flavour. Light amber in colour with a frothy white head, this smooth, full-bodied beer is distinguishable by a fresh raspberry bouquet that’s slightly tart to the taste and sure to please on any occasion.

Appearance | Amber with white lacing.

Smell | Raspberries, grains, and grass.

Taste | Raspberries, malts, wheat, small bitterness, citrus, and fizz.

Aftertaste | Lingering taste of earthiness and raspberry.

Overall | This is a fruit brew that is completely dominated by the raspberries (and that isn’t a bad thing!).  It would accompany the warm weather out in the cottage country perfectly.  The bitter berries mask any hoppiness, making it extremely appealing to somebody who is wary of a beer that “tastes like beer”.  It’s an easy-drinking brew that is light and refreshing .  This brew would pair well with a light meal or snack, like a salad or a veggie tray.

“The beer that made Peterborough famous.”  

LCBO Inventory | 473ml Tallboy | $2.75

3 Pints/5 Pints

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