REVIEW: Publican House Ale by The Publican House Brewery

Publican House Ale by The Publican House Brewery
Publican House Ale by The Publican House Brewery



  • STYLE: Golden Ale / Kölsch
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Peterborough, ON
  • BREWERY: The Publican House Brewery

From The Publican House;

our flagship brand, at 4.8% alcohol is a traditional German table beer made exclusively with Wyermann malts and Continental noble hops. Flavorful with a broad general appeal to beer drinkers, this product is in production year round and is available in 1.9 litre growlers as well as 473ml. cans. Our signature ale carries the name of the brewery and pub. The term ‘publican’ dates back centuries to early England and was the genesis of the local brewery and watering hole for town residents as well as travelers through who could stop and refresh themselves and get to know some of the locals in the ‘public house’.

Appearance | Golden yellow, with a foamy white head that disappears quickly.

Smell | Bread, honey, corn, citrus, malts, grainy and floral hops.

Taste | Bread, honey, faint hops, malts, and lemon zest.

Aftertaste | Lingering notes of dryness, honey, and faint hops.

Overall | This is a light-bodied brew that hails from Peterborough, the hometown of The Brew Head.   This beer is filled with flavours such as honey, lemon, and bread.  It’s a fair session brew that’s easy to drink at 4.8%.   Beer patrons who enjoy pungent beer might be slightly disappointed with this one’s muted taste. However, it should appease those drinkers who prefer light brews with a slight but palpable hop presence.

Available at selected LCBOs & The Brewery


3 Pints /5 Pints

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