Moroccan Brown Ale by Spearhead Brewery
Moroccan Brown Ale by Spearhead Brewery


  • STYLE:  American Brown Ale
  • ABV: 6%
  • IBU: 35
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Toronto, ON (Etobicoke)
  • BREWERY: Spearhead Brewery

From Spearhead Brewery,

Rock the Casbah! Moroccan Brown Ale is a full-flavoured American style brown ale with a Moroccan accent. Inspired by the flavours of the Maghreb region of North-West Africa, this unique brown ale is made with dates, figs, raisins and a dash of cinnamon. It is unfiltered and naturally carbonated and has all the complex flavour and bouquet of a fine red wine with notes of plum, brown sugar and dried fruit.

Appearance | Opaque cherry wood with an off-white head that disappears quickly.

Smell | Raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, figs, nuttiness,  caramel, and coffee.

Taste | Raisins, brown sugar, malts, nuttiness, caramel, and dried fruits.

Aftertaste | Light notes of nuttiness, malts, and raisins.

Overall | This is a medium-bodied brew that has a rich aroma, is smooth to drink, and finishes lightly.  The beer is flavourful, combining subtle flavours present in cuisine of Africa’s most North Western point.  Don’t let the idea of figs and raisins in this beer make you apprehensive; they give the brew a unique and delicious taste that does not overwhelm. This is easily a session brew that will become a hit among craft beer enthusiasts. It should be easy to pick this beer up off the shelves as Spearhead Brewery has been very creative with its packaging; representing its exotic flavours with original design. Spearhead was crowned ‘Best Brewery’ at Session Toronto for three years in a row!  From Hawaii to Morocco, Spearhead Brewery is taking drinkers and their taste buds on a adventurous trip.  Where to next? All signs point to Belgium!

Food Pairing(s) | Butter Chicken, Samosas, or Curried Turkey.

LCBO Inventory | $13.95 | 6x355ml bottles


4 Pints / 5 Pints

While you’re picking up a 6 pack of this, you also should pick up a 6-pack of their other brew that’s available at the LCBO,  Hawaiian-Style Pale Ale (Review).


Beer Without Boundaries.

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