KYB: Jared from The Wren (on The Danforth)

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Jared from The Wren | 1382 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON
Jared from The Wren | 1382 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON

The second edition of ‘Know Your Bartenders’ will be focusing on Jared at The Wren (1382 Danforth Ave.) in Toronto, ON.

Jared grew up in a town called Tillsonburg, Ontario.  He moved to Toronto for a post secondary education 8 years ago and has had a mottled history pursuing different careers over the years, but it’s his love of beer that won out. Just like every new homebrewer that gets caught up in the craft,  Jared shares that dream of one day having his own little brewery.  He’s been a bartender for seven years, and more recently, has joined The Wren.

What brew got you into the craft beer industry?

When I was younger I drank stouts and malt forward beers but never really cared for hoppy beers. I had what I like to call my “Hop Revelation” when I was taking a road trip through South Dakota and stumbled across New Belgium’s Ranger IPA. I must have spent half the time I was drinking it just smelling the glass. I couldn’t believe the aromas that were coming off of the beer. After that, I dove head first into every hoppy beer I could find and now I’m just always looking for new beers to try, and hopefully, that next beer revelation.

Besides bartendering, what’s your favourite hobby?

Last year I started home brewing and it quickly took over my kitchen and my life. I managed to cobble together a 1 gallon system for my stove top without upsetting SWMBO and now I try to brew a minimum of once every two weeks.

If you could only have one style of beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s a tough question. I’m not sure I could live with just one beer style for the rest of my life. One of my favourite things about the craft beer industry is it’s creativity. If I had to choose between a beer style I know or something that I haven’t had before I’ll always pick the one I haven’t had before.

What is your favourite craft brewery at the moment?

These days I would just say my local Toronto breweries. I’m always excited to find one offs (which are generally harder to find the less local they are) and I’m always impressed with the talent of Toronto/Ontario brewers in general.

Do you prefer cask or draught?

I think it depends on the style or type of beer. I do find that certain beers lend themselves to cask better than draught. I’m just not a huge fan of big hoppy beers on cask. I find the bitterness of the hops gets to be a little overpowering without the cleansing acidity of the CO2.

Most importantly, what’s your message to craft beer drinkers?

A few things,

1) Drink every new beer you come across. You won’t know if you like it until you’ve tried it! Also, you’ll be amazed at how your palette can change.

2) Support your local breweries!

3) When you’re drinking a beer, try to take a second to appreciate the skill and artistry that these brewers put into making every delicious drop! 

The Wren | 1382 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON
What’s on tap?
The menu. So many delicious entrees to pick from!

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