REVIEW: Pumpkin Ale (2013) by Great Lakes Brewery



  • STYLE: Pumpkin/Yam Beer
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: N/A
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Etobicoke, ON
  • BREWERY: Great Lakes Brewery

From Great Lakes Brewery,

In our pursuit to bring you the most flavourful and unique beers possible, we are proud to release this tasty autumn ale. Handcrafted with an assortment of specialty malts and hops, we added a generous amount of pumpkin directly into the brew. Combine this with hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and allspice, and you’ve got a beer that you won’t soon forget. Rich, satisfying and slightly spicy, our seasonal ale goes perfectly with your favourite dessert or traditional feast. But like fall, Pumpkin Ale comes but once a year!

Appearance | Slightly opaque, orange with an off-white head.

Smell | Allspice, nutmeg, pumpkin, malts, and cinnamon.

Taste | Allspice, cloves, cinnamon, pumpkin, hops, and malts.

Aftertaste | Allspice and pumpkin.

Overall | This is a medium-bodied and hoppy brew that’s rich with seasonal flavour. These flavours are bold within the brew, creating a barefaced astringency, which is commonly avoided by more timid brewers. The vitality of this beer is a combination of strong hops and prevalent pumpkin flavour. This brew is one of the reasons why The Brew Head looks forward to Fall.  It’s a sure sign that Winter (Ale) is coming.  If feeling festive, why not rim the glass with sugar and pumpkin pie spice? That’s what one of The Brew Head’s friends did!

Food Pairing | Thanksgiving (anything)

LCBO Inventory | $4.95 | 650ml

Also available at the Brewery in Etobicoke, ON.


4 Pints/5 Pints

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