• STYLE: Kölsch
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • IBU: 21
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Vankleek Hill, ON
  • BREWERY: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Beau’s flagship offering is Lug Tread Lagered Ale, named after the tire treads of a small tractor, a true symbol of Eastern Ontario. Golden-hued, crisp and finely balanced, Lug Tread is a tribute to “Kölsch” the classic beer of Cologne, Germany. Lug Tread is top fermented (like an ale) and then cold aged, or “lagered”, for a lengthy period. This gives it some light ale notes, complemented by a lager-like crispness.

Appearance | Clear golden with a big, white, dense head.

Smell | Hops, grains, toasted biscuits, grass, and hints of citrus.

Taste | Grains, lightly toasted biscuits, hints of grassiness, citrus, corn (hardly there), and lingering bitterness.

Aftertaste | Smooth, wet finish with hops, grains, and bitterness.

Overall | The flagship ale from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. should be a hit (a cold, refreshing welcome to those who are finally checking out the Ontario Craft Beer scene!)  It’s a medium carbonated, light-bodied, smooth-drinking ale that has all the makings of a fantastic patio beer – scratch that – it’s a good year-round beer! Though it may smell hoppy, it’s not overwhelming.  Lug Tread is a true gateway brew to craft beer, more importantly, Ontario Craft Beer.    This ale will be hitting the New York State shortly!

LCBO Inventory | $15.85 | 4x600ml


3.5 Pints / 5 Pints

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