Note: This book was sent to me by Greystone Publishing for review.
It’s been a busy summer for The Brew Head with a baby on the way and a very busy work schedule, but he managed to find time to read Ian Coutts’ “The Perfect Keg”.  

I actually managed to find time to read this entire book in a single sitting while waiting in the hospital.  “The Perfect Keg” follows Ian Coutts’ on his journey to create the perfect keg.  Along the way, Coutts makes stops at some of Ontario’s craft beer breweries including Lake of Bays and Black Creek to gain further insight into recipe conception and the brewing process.  He includes several tips on brewing from home and understanding the complexity of the use of quality barley and yeast.

One cool thing about this book is that there are recipes for the reader to use for home brewing.  The Pinko beer sounds pretty interesting! Coutts uses self deprecating humour to portray an authentic struggle towards creating the fabled perfect brew, including a failed attempt of recipe creation that ended up tasting like band-aids!

So head over to a bookstore, Amazon,  Chapters to pick up this book today and pair it with a delicious Ontario Craft Beer!

Ian has also wrote Brew North (which I’ve yet to pick up and read..)

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