REVIEW: Mash’n Pumpkin Ale by Lake of Bays Brewing Co.



  • STYLE: Yam/Pumpkin Beer
  • ABV: 6%
  • IBUs: 10
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Baysville, ON
  • BREWERY: Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

From Lake of Bays Brewing Co.,

Developed by Brewer Mark Campbell, this malt-forward pumpkin ale comes in at 6% and 10IBUs.

Mash’n Pumpkins is the second of our Wild North Series of one-off brews, developed especially for craft beer pubs and eateries looking for a steady supply of new, interesting beers. Mash’n Pumpkins will be available for a limited time on tap at selected licensees.

Appearance | Hazy, deep-orange with off-white head.

Smell | Spices, cloves, nutmeg, and hint of cinnamon.

Taste | Spices, nutmeg, toasted malts, and faint bitterness.

Aftertaste | Dry, biscuit, cinnamon, with notes of bitterness.

Overall | Mash’n Pumpkin Ale is the second in the Wild North Series from Lake of Bays Brewing Co.  Wild North Series is a new series that will develop new, interesting one-offs made for Craft Beer Pubs.  This instalment is a medium-bodied brew that’s smooth with flavours of cinnamon, pumpkin, and toasted malts.  It’s like a Pumpkin Amber Ale.  If you like pumpkin ales, check this one out while you can!   My only regret is that it’s just a 355ml sample and that was gone quickly!

Limited Edition | On Tap at Selected Licensees.

Note: Lake of Bays Brewing Co. supplied Mash’n Pumpkin Ale for The Brew Head to review.  Thanks T-Bird!   

 3.5 Pints / 5 Pints


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