• STYLE: Pilsner
  • ABV: 5%
  • IBU: 24
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Baysville, ON
  • BREWERY: Lake of Bays Brewing Co.
  • TWITTER: @LB_Brewing

The Introduction

Lake of Bays Brewing and the CFL Alumni Association proudly present our first collaboration, Pigskin Pilsner. Developed in consultation with more than 200 Canadian football and craft beer enthusiasts who sent us their preferences and suggestions, this refreshing, true-to-style pilsner is made with the finest two-row Canadian and German pilsner malt and Hallertauer hops and presented in a 1.89L growler. The ultimate for sharing, collecting and game-time celebrating (but definitely not for throwing touchdowns. That would be a bad idea.)

Appearance | Clear light gold with a dissipating white head.

Smell | Crispness, grains, faint notes of citrus and grass.

Taste | Refreshing, crisp, barley, toast (biscuits)

Overall | To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of Pilsners.  But if the mood is right, I’ll have a Pilsner.   From Lake of Bays Brewing Co., this is the Pigskin Pilsner.

Out of the growler pours a light, golden colour with a dissipating foamy, white head. It has the crisp aromas of grains, faint notes of citrus, and grass.  It is a refreshing light-bodied Pilsner with the taste of toasted biscuits, grains, and a slight sweetness.   It’s a wonderful session Pilsner that would compliment a CFL game (Heck! even on NFL Sundays!) It’s not the best Pilsner in Ontario, but it sure as heck ain’t the worst Pilsner in Ontario either!

For those who are curious about the growler: it survived a trip in the mail from Lake of Bays Brewing Company to Guelph, Ontario unscathed.  The beer arrived, still carbonated and refreshing!   While it first appeared that the growler had sprung a leak in its travels, the excess liquid in the package seems to actually be from the overfill on the cap.  FYI: Lake of Bays uses C02 to fill the growlers, so it doesn’t have to be kept cold, therefore if you see one that’s not in the fridge at the LCBO, it’s okay to pick one up.

While you’re at the LCBO, check out their seasonal 10 Point IPA in the 750ml bottles.  It’s the last time they will be in that format as it will be available year-round in tallboys.

More details

Price | $15.95

Size | 1.89L Growler

Purchasing | LCBO (There’s no listing on the website – but here’s the #444707) | Brewery







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