• STYLE: Stout
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • IBU: 35
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Gravenhurst, ON
  • BREWERY: Sawdust City Brewing Co.
  • TWITTER: @sawdustcitybeer

The Introduction

You take a few cautious steps toward the Red Rocket. You are fixated on its beauty. The calm you felt from years of training slowly gives way to nervous excitement. You are being propelled by anticipation and raw courage. You know your next steps are into uncharted territory, into the unknown. You approach the Red Rocket. Your hand reaches out and you grab hold. A first cautious sip…then a swig…and liftoff!

Welcome to the FUTURE!

Appearance | Deep dark brown with a tan head.

Smell | Cayenne spice, malts, and hints of chocolates.

Taste | Spicy, and I mean spicy!  Hints of malts, faint notes of chocolates and coffee.

Overall |  And the red rocket is bursting through your palate!  From Sawdust City Brewing Company, this is the Red Rocket Coffee Spiced Stout.

When poured out of the tallboy, it’s a deep dark brown that no light can’t be seen through with a tan head.   This is a stout (which it’s great!) and this is spicy!  Loaded with Cayenne spices, this is a helluva Winter Warmer beer if there’s one!    I highly suggest letting it warm up to room temperature to bring out the bold flavours of this Red Rocket.   You can really feel the spices on your tongue, down the throat and warms you up (in a good way!)

As delicious and warm as this ale is…It’s not a good idea to drink many of these in a row unless you want a Red Rocket burning through your stomach and well, you know.

And yes, this is available at the LCBO (Surprise!) as a seasonal stout so grab one when you can and enjoy it when you need a warm me up.

So if you don’t like spicy food, this isn’t right up your alley.

More details

Price | $3.25

Size | 473ml Tallboy

Purchasing | LCBO | Brewery





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