2017 Holiday Gift Guide

TheBrewHead.ca | December 2nd, 2017

It’s that time of the year again where we are almost getting sick of hearing the Christmas music in grocery stores and the mall because they wanted to get into the spirit of the Holidays in November. However, I’m releasing this Holiday Gift Guide just in time, you have about 23 days to purchase these gifts for that special Craft Beer lover in your life. This gift guide is strictly Ontario Craft Beer related and because I love to support the local businesses. However, there is just one item on the list that isn’t Canadian at all but it’s for a great cause.

Let’s get started with the list and it will be in no order (no ranking!) (All images are taken from the original sources and by no means are mine.)

Enjoy the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide and hopefully I helped you out purchased that awesome gift for that Craft Beer lover in your life!

Hoppy Holidays,

Adam Kemp | @TheBrewHead

Pretty Pennie Jewellery

Hilary came onto the Ontario Craft Beer scene in 2017 in a helluva hoppy way, stealing the spotlight with her fantastic Hop necklace. She later followed that up with cuff links, rings, and even earrings! They’re quality-made and handmade by Hilary herself. You could see all the stories that she posts on Instagram. I purchased a hop cone necklace for my Wife and I even got my new wedding band from her! I’m so impressed with the quality and the details that she put into these products. Head over to her Etsy page!


T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc etc.

This is a great way to support your local brewery/favourite brewery. I tend to have a lot of brewery-related shirts, especially the Ontario Craft Beer scene. I love wearing any merch that can support the local brewery or get the word out. I’m a fan of unique merch, especially if it’s a great looking label on a shirt. I especially love when a brewery would take some element of the design and put it on a hat, shirt, etc etc. Anyways, a lot of the breweries in Ontario has their own online stores which makes it easier to purchase. But like I always say, it’s best to hit up the brewery in person so you can also grab some delicious tasty Ontario Craft Beer!

Beer Festivals


Beer Festivals? Well, if you want to gift that Craft Beer lover a couple tickets to a beer festvial? There’s a lot of great options all year around from Steam Whistle Roundhouse (Summer and Winter editions!), I ❤ Beer (Hamilton, Guelph, etc etc.), Cask Days, and well, if Bellwoods Brewery is doing it again, Witchstock. There’s also Craftotoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo. All great options, click the link and print out a poster with a promise to buy the tickets when they go on sale!


There are so many books out there today – and some of them are Ontario Craft Beer related! There’s Craft Beer Cookbook from David Ort, Beerology from Mirella Amato, The Perfect Keg from Ian Coutts, and of course, we can’t forget about The Ontario Craft Beer Guide from Robin LeBlanc and Jordan St. John. 9781459739291They just released the second edition of the Ontario Craft Beer Guide and it’s a helluva book for anybody who’s just starting out in the Ontario Craft Beer scene!

Big Beer Soap Company

That’s right! You didn’t read that wrong, Big Beer Soap Company specializes in making soap… with beer. In the past, I received a package from them and all kind was there, bar soaps, liquid soap and even the shaving soap (my personal favourite!) They just released a new product, Shampoo Soap! I’m a big fan of their products as they delivered a quality product that can leave your skin smooth and smellin’ quite nice.

Online Beer Orders!

Get BEER delivered to your door this Christmas! This is the latest trend in 2017, more and more breweries are rolling out online ordering which makes it fantastic for those who can’t reach their favourite breweries due to location. Left Field Brewery, Sawdust City Brewing Co, and Dominion City just launched their online ordering which it’s fantastic. There’s also the criminally underrated Half Hours on Earth as well. You’ll be surprised, head to a brewery’s website and see if they have online ordering for BEER!


Do it up right! You’ll be surprised, not a whole lot of folks don’t need “gimmick” glassware. My go to brand is Spiegelau and you used to pick them up at Sears (and at a discount price before they went bankrupt.) However, these days, the breweries are cranking out more and more speciality glasswares that are suited for that style of IPA or Stout. One of my favourite glassware style is the Teku Glassware (and that’s quite hard to find, if you find it, get it!)dl8ks_cw4aezy7s

Spiegelau offers a Craft Beer Tasting kit which offers the IPA, Stout, Wheat, and Sniffer. If I have to say, don’t bother with the Pilsner and Lager; no point in purchasing these unless you really, really like lagers and pilsners.

Gift Cards

Gift cards, they ain’t all that bad. It’s a good thing and you don’t have to stress about getting a gift that they already have. Get a gift card to a brewery, a brewpub, or even that food joint that offers a lot of craft beer on tap (Like The Wooly Pub in Guelph, ON!)


It’s a Father & Son duo that creates these amazing and quality bottle openers that are made from old barrels.  This project was started so the Father can spend time with his son who is affected by Autism and is legally blind.  The son “helps” out the Father with the carriage bolts.  It’s a great bottle opener and a must have in any Craft Beer lover’s life.


So that craft beer lover is into homebrewing but you aren’t sure what to get. I would look for the homebrew shops (like Short Finger Brewing or Toronto Brewing)


And of course, BEER!

Of course, beer! Hit up the local brewery or that brewery just out of town to snatch up some one-offs/seasonals that you can’t purchase at the LCBO/The Beer Store! It’s beer, they’ll love it regardless if they had it or not.

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