12 Mile India Pale Lager

Beer: 12 Mile India Pale Lager

Brewery: Cameron’s Brewing Co. (Oakville, Ontario)

Style: India Pale Lager

ABV: 5.2%

Format: 473ml Tallboy

Purchased: LCBO (Wellington & Gordon, Guelph, Ontario)

From Cameron’s Brewing Co.;
Early pioneers assembled for social gatherings at the gristmill on Twelve Mile Creek to enjoy food, drink and tell stories of their travels and adventures. This is our inspiration for a new, innovative style of beer that is adventurous and flavourful. A unique fusion of spirited new world hops balanced with a special lager yeast creates a cultured body with tropical fruit and citrus notes. This India Pale Lager is ideal for both IPA and Lager aficionados.

Artwork: In Cameron’s new branding fashion featuring a moose by a waterfall in the forest with the sunset. It’s quite eye catching and the rebranding has done Cameron’s Brewing Co. fantastic. All of their tallboys are quite beautiful in the art sense.

Appearance: Clear straw-yellow colour with white head that laces the glassware.

Aroma: Pine, citrus, peel.

#OntTaste: Citrusy, slight hoppy, juicy (yes!), peel.

Overall: This ain’t your typical Lager and you know what? I am really liking this one… alot. This one seriously took me by surprise. Yes, I’ve heard from Ben (of Beer Blog) and my Stonehammer buddy, Kevin that they really love this one. I can see why. With that first sniff of the beer, I was like… “Oh this is smelling kinda juicy.” and I took that first sip and it was juicy, like juicy tasty. Out of the tallboy pours a typical Lager straw-yellow colour that was clear. The head was white and quickly dissipated. It began to lace the glassware with every sip.

The aroma was juicy notes of piney, citrus, and peel. The taste was juicy and light-bodied with notes of hops, peels, tangerine, and just juicy deliciousness. On the finish, you get that lingering bitterness with the hops, peel and citrus notes. It finishes quite nice. I believe that Cameron’s truly made a great decision adding this India Pale Lager to its core lineup that can be enjoyed all year around. This won’t be the last time that I enjoy this and I will definitely be recommending this to anybody who’s a fan of both Lagers and IPAs. Hell, this could be a gateway craft beer. It’s the best of both worlds in IPAs and Lagers.

12 Mile India Pale Lager is helluva tasty and should be in your fridge on a rotation. If you’re looking for a beer that has the juicy and hoppy side but drinks like a lager? Look no further.

12 Mile India Pale Lager gets a 4 pints out of 5 pints.

Man, I didn’t see that one coming.

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