Yes, it’s that time of the year once again!  It’s #GLBDay, well, what is #GLBDay?  Well, it’s Great Lakes Brewery’s birthday and you use the hashtag to celebrate this legendary Ontario Craft Brewery. Today,  GLB is turning 31 years young and doesn’t look any older.

Thirty Years of Great Lakes Beer Title

Great Lakes Brewery is one of my top five favourite Ontario Craft Breweries today.  There’s a few reasons why they’re one of my favourites, well, let me list them.

  1. Gordie. (…like my top favourite year-round Ontario Craft Brew!)
  2. Incredible IPAs.
  3. Friendly customer service.
  4. The Wooly’s Annual Tap Takeover.
  5.  A kickass Social Media director.
  6.  And many more.

But Great Lakes Brewery just celebrated an entire year, the 30th Anniversary with so many returns of one-offs, new one-offs, and so much more.   They also did something else, they did a documentary.  Yes, a documentary about Great Lakes Brewery and the antics behind the scenes.  You can download this for free here.

I know I’m downloading this and well, I’ll be watching it with Gordie (and more!)

Thirty Years of Great Lakes Beer: The Journey of Great Lakes Brewery 

30th Anniversary documentary now available for FREE download

February 11, 2018 (Etobicoke, ON) – Fresh off an incredible 30th anniversary year, Great Lakes Brewery (GLB) is pleased to announce that our year-long documentary project is now available online for world-wide viewing​, one day before our 31st anniversary​… for FREE.

The 60 minute documentary, Thirty Years of Great Lakes Beer: The Journey of Great Lakes Brewery, explores the seldom told history of GLB – from the tiny startup in 1987 in a Brampton strip mall to the mid 1990’s when the brewery almost closed their doors for good, to being crowned the Canadian Brewery of the Year back to back in 2013 & 2014.

Created in partnership with David Hodge at Eizo Quest​ Inc.​,

 A local Etobicoke film studio, Thirty Years of Great Lakes Beer: The Journey of Great Lakes Brewery contains in-depth interviews with Peter Bulut (Owner & President), Bruce Cornish (Original Co-Founder), Mike Lackey (Brewery Operations Manager), David Bieman (Sales Manager & Branding) and Troy Burtch (Marketing and Communications Manager). Staff, friends, family, and amazing supporters share their most intimate stories while taking viewers behind the scenes of one of Canada’s most colourful breweries.

“Man, thirty years, who’d believe it,” says Peter Bulut. “This documentary sheds some great insight into the history of GLB – the very interesting, challenging, rewarding, delicious history of GLB. The talented David Hodge of Eizo Quest Inc.​, a proud Etobicoke business owner and friend, did a wonderful job capturing the essence of our existence,” Bulut said.

The documentary takes viewers through various chapters of GLB history, telling the story about how Peter Bulut Sr. saved a struggling brewery, the birth of Canuck Pale Ale, the creation of our Tank Ten series of beers, exposes our favourite moments, explains how we create certain beer names and styles and highlights the trials and tribulations of over thirty years in the craft beer business. It also showcases a dizzying number of archival images from multiple GLB collections, features original music from our friends at Snoqualmie and champions the artwork of Fabian Skidmore.

Like GLB beers, Thirty Years of Great Lakes Beer: The Journey of Great Lakes Brewery has all the ingredients for good times.

Fast Fun Facts

  • Over one hundred hours of footage was condensed into the sixty minute documentary

  • Many cases of Canuck Pale Ale were consumed during various filming dates

  • The documentary first premiered on December 12, 2017 to a sold out Kingsway Theatre

  • The music was provided by Snoqualmie, a band featuring a former GLB employee who now brews in Alberta – Blake Enemark

  • The filming was done between February and December 1 2017

  • Filming captured over 10 collaboration brew dates throughout 2017

How to download documentary via Vimeo

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