REVIEW: Cool as Cuke by Muskoka Brewery

Cool as Cuke

Muskoka Brewery | Bracebridge, Ontario


What’s The Beer? 

“If they can put a man on the moon, we can put cucumber in beer.  This speciality pale ale is the perfect balance of refreshing cucumber and aromatic lemongrass.  A lively citrus character blends with a pleasant hop flavour to deliver an exhilarating finish. A grade of our Moonlight Kettle series.”

The award-winning Cool As Cuke is back for the summer and now available in convenient 4-packs. This American pale ale (4.7% ABV) offers a hit of fresh cucumber, light citrus character and a lemongrass zip. Featuring a forward but pleasant bitterness and hop flavour, Cool As Cuke finishes with a freshness that outlives the last sip.



Yet another graduate of the Moonlight Kettle series hits the LCBO and boy, what a beer it is.   This is Cool as Cuke from Muskoka Brewery.   Out of the tallboy pours a cloudy, unfiltered straw gold colour with a dense white head that slowly dissipated and laced the glassware.   The aroma is interesting, as the name states, infact smells of tart, cucumber and citrus notes.   However, the Cucumber is the most dominating flavour in aroma, taste, and finish.   With that first sip, you get cucumber that follows up with a citrusy piney profile.    The mouthfeel was smooth with the low bitterness.   I’ll admit, I was pretty turned off by the dominating cucumber note, I just found it to be completely overwhelming and that it took a while to finish this beer.

It’s not for me, that’s for sure.  Cool as Cuke might be a hit with some folks, but hey, I tried the beer and I’m giving you my honest opinion. I’m not a fan of this and most likely won’t purchase it again.  So I’ll stick with cucumber in my water (Hey The Wooly Pub!)  and in my salad.  Not so much, in my beer.

Cool as Cuke is a interesting (in a weird way) beer, that’s for sure.




More Hoppy Details

  • Beer | Cool as Cuke
  • Style | Pale Ale
  • Brewery | Muskoka Brewery
  • ABV | 4.7%
  • IBU | 30
  • Cost | $3.30
  • Purchased | Muskoka Brewery provided a can of Cool as Cuke for Review Purposes only for The Brew Head blog.  My opinions are my own. 


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