As I sit here, having a Wellington Brewery’s Helles Lager typing this long post.  You might wonder why am I starting up Beer Ontario when I have The Brew Head?  When I lost over 2 years of reviews over at GoDaddy, I decided (it took a while, too!) that it was time to restart the blog. I felt “empty” when I lost all of that reviews over there and I wanted to build that library again.  It may be written or may be filmed (more on that.) However I love writing reviews, I love writing in general, as well Ontario Craft Beer.  I want to improve my writing this time, I want to streamline my style of reviews.  I wanted to start with a blank canvas, so to say.   I also stopped filming The Beer Program because it became a chore over a period of time, it really took up a lot of time to set up, talk about the beer, editing, uploading, and sharing it via social media.    However, I’m not completely shutting that door on filming reviews though.   Perhaps, it will return in the Fall, who knows.

Why Beer Ontario?  Well, to be honest, I felt that the name reflects what I’m trying to support and review.  The Brew Head had a real good run over the last 5 years, but I felt that it was time to change it up.   Not to mention that The Brew Head would be confused with the huge following that’s in the United States (brewheads, that is.)


I’ve been a huge supporter of Ontario Craft Beer for the last 6 years and I’m going to continue that for as long as I live.   I’ve always felt that the Ontario Craft Beer scene was on top, with new beer styles to explore.  It’s still an exciting scene to explore, there’s more than 250 breweries open and operating today with more in planning.   It’s pretty crazy how far Ontario Craft Beer scene has come.  I’m pretty proud of it.

With this blog, I hope to restart a lot of the original ideas that I had previously on The Brew Head’s blog – you know, Know Your Brewer, Know Your Bartender, BrewHop, BrewBlurb (write more about beer topics and not entirely focused on reviews).  I’m hoping to get back into it

With this account, I feel it’s a new beginning, and that weight on my shoulders has been lifted.   With the “relaunch” if you would like to call it that, it gives me the opportunity to re-review all the classics that made Ontario Craft Beer what it is today.   Let’s go back before the Milkshake IPAs, the Hazy IPAs, the Juicy IPAs floodgates opened.

Let’s go exploring…again.




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