On Thursday, June 21st, 2018…. History was made as Short Finger Brewing Co. was finally allowed to sell beer.    They had three bottles to go (So It Goes, Ain’t No Sunshine, and G-Lite Foote) plus they also had a draught list (1L Growlers was also available to purchase!) where you could enjoy watching Rob at the other desk, selling full bags of malts.  It was also their huge Malt sale that they hold a couple times a year.  Great for the homebrewers!

I actually got there around 11 and was the first in line to purchase the bottles.  Yes, go me.

P1050634But let’s talk about this one.   This is So It Goses.  It’s a 4.7% ABV with 0 IBU.

Brewed with coriander and sea salt.  Half of this beer is aged for up to a year in oak barrels before being blended with fresh gose.

The label is pretty quite comical and neat.   There’s a bunch of hand-drawn icons in the background such as a 8 Ball with arms and legs, pizza, burger, bone, hop.   This bottle will definitely be on my wall of bottles, along with the other bottles.  However, the main logo which reminds me of The Simpsons, well, an episode of Halloween Simpsons featuring the Planet Earth blowing up with a UFO taking off.   I think I would buy that shirt.

P1050636The Beer

Out of the bottle pours a unfiltered pale gold colour with a fizzy white head that quickly dissipates.  The aroma is of tartness and lemony notes.   The sea salt isn’t quite there.   The taste is similar to the aroma with more puckering notes of tart and citrusy lemon notes.   It’s quite refreshing and isn’t overwhelming at all.   There’s a lingering note of sea salt, lemon, and tartness after the first couple sips.  Just a beaut of a beer and well done too.


In the end, I’m quite happy with this beer and it left me wanting more to enjoy.  So it won’t be the last time to visit Short Finger and they do 1L growler fills as well.  You just need to check on their Social Media accounts before doing that.   If you’re a fan of lemony tart and sour beer…Well, this one is right up the alley for you.  Oh, the brewer is pretty funny, you might want to read his notes on this one.

You ever put a full-length mirror on the floor, and then have a dog stand on it?

The Details

  • So It Gose
  • Short Finger Brewing Co.
  • Barrel Aged Blended Gose
  • $7
  • 4.7ABV
  • 0IBU
  • Brewery Only

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