See, it’s not just Ontario Craft Beer on this website, I also review Radlers and Ciders as well.   This is the first Radler that I’ve reviewed, to be honest with you and you might think, well, it’s a Radler, it’s all grapefruit and low ABV.  You’re right.  But I want to try and review Radlers though.


So…This is Bongo, a Radler from Big Rig Brewery out of Ottawa, Ontario.  Yes, you’re right, Chris Phillips of the Ottawa Senators (retired now, by the way) is one of the co-founders.   Bongo has a low ABV of 3.5ABV, making it a crushable (sessionable) radler that you could enjoy on a hot day or while doing landscaping chores around the house.

The Beer (Well, The Radler!)

The label is bright and stands out on the LCBO shelves like a bright light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s wrapped in orange with grapefruit icons plastered all over it.  The Bongo is in Las Vegas style – font heading down the side of the can.   The can also ensures that you are drinking an Ontario Craft Radler (you know, these days, there’s alot of radlers out there and well, I find this pretty damn tasty.)

It makes me feel proud that I’m crushing an truly true Ontario Craft Radler that’s been brewed…in Ontario, that is.P1050713

Out of the tallboy pours a beautifully peach colour with a slight pink hue (when it’s just right in the light.) with a white head that disappeared quickly.   The aroma is purely grapefruit, sweet and bitter.   The taste is sweet and bitter with grapefruit, moreso on the refreshing yet sweet side.  It’s one of the better Radlers there is, and can rival against, let’s say Waterloo’s Radler (which they’ve stepped up their game by releasing a Raspberry version which you can only purchase in a mix pack, sadly.)


It’s a Radler, I know, it’s a easily crushable one at that.   But isn’t that the whole point of a Radler?  Ensuring that the Radler is crushable, enjoyable and refreshing, especially on a hot Summer day?  It’s a great accomplice to have while lounging by the poolside, or even floating on an Unicorn float….while floating around in the pool.

Bongo is one of my favourite Radlers to pick up at the LCBO….Because, sometimes, you need a break from the high ABVs IPAs or Stouts.



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