Hey, are you a fan of Summer?  How about Strawberries? Basil?  Wheat Beer?  Well, look no further from Beard Free Brewing as they brewed an incredibly refreshing Wheat beer that is brewed with Strawberries and Basil.   From Beard Free Brewing of Peterborough, Ontario which recently opened this past year brings a core lineup of four beers.  Look for those reviews on here soon.


The label is ever so lovely with a strawberry and a basil holding hands with hearts popping around.  Truly a Summer Lovin’ pair!

Out of the bottle pours a unfiltered hazy orange colour with a white head that begins to lace the glassware.


The aroma is what you expect from a beer like this, strawberries, cloves, and slight hint of herbal.  The taste is similar however, the strawberries is more dominated with that first sip, then the second sip, and on, and on.   The strawberries are so lovely, so juicy and refreshing.    The body is more of a light-medium, doesn’t really make you feel full.  You get a subtle hint of the basil, and that’s good as Basil tends to be overpowering if used too much.  However, with every sip, I just keep going back to it.  It’s that good.


Really, I’m loving this Summer Lovin’ edition and that I think Beard Free should have fun with this Summer Lovin’ series by introducing other pairs that would work really well.   Perhaps, they’ll do a Pineapple and Jalapeño edition?  Oh who knows.  What pair would you introduce in a Wheat Beer?  Comment below.

I believe I will declare this beer…. as the SUMMER beer of 2018.  Incredible.


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