Canuck Pale Ale | Great Lakes Brewery


When I first had this, it was actually in a bottle.  Yes, a bottle.   Back then, it was created for the Winter Olympics, you know, the one where Sidney Crosby and Team Canada won Gold in Vancouver.   It became well received that it later became one of the core beers but under a different name, Crazy Canuck.   But that lasted for a while.  Now it’s back to Canuck Pale Ale with a handsome devil of a lumberjack, Gordie.   Oh yes, I will also refer this Canuck Pale Ale as Gordie as well.   “Oh grab me a Gordie, would yah!” 

For those who knows me, I’m a huge Canuck fan and will always introduce Canuck Pale Ale to anybody who’s looking to try Ontario Craft Beer or even the Craft Beer scene in general.  Canuck Pale Ale is a true gateway Craft Beer, and affordable at that ($2.80!!)


Out of the tallboy pours a straw-orange colour with a white head that starts to lace the glassware with every sip, oh it’s amazing.  The aroma is full of citrus notes such as grapefruit and mangoes, there’s also a subtle note of pine resin as well.  As you take that first sip, there’s notes of fruits (mangos, peaches, tangerines), grapefruit and pine.    It’s a light-medium bodied ale that will make you want to have a few before calling it a night.  It’s a 5.2% ABV with 35 IBU.  Again, I call it a Gateway Craft Beer because it’s that good.  It’s that good that it’s literally my all time favourite beer that’s year around available!  It’s always in the fridge, no matter what.  There’s always a Gordie in the fridge.


If you haven’t had a chance to try this, grab a few because you won’t be disappointed with Canuck Pale Ale from Great Lakes Brewery.  Man, I ought to get a tattoo of Gordie.

This beer is available at the brewery, LCBO, and The Beer Store (If you grab it at the Beer Store, it’s a 24 for 54 loonies!)



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