Alpha Bomb IPA | Big Rig Brewery

There are so many IPAs these days on the Ontario Craft Beer scene, it’s crazy.  However, there’s an IPA that I feel that doesn’t really get the love.  You’ve seen this on the shelves at the LCBO, The Beer Store, and the Grocery Stores.  It’s been around for a while and when was the last time you had this underappreciated IPA from Big Rig Brewery?

Well, I decided that I wanted to try this once more and the results are shock and awe.


The design of the tallboy is quite simple, with “Hopbombs” falling through the silver skies.  It’s quite simple and eye-appealing.


Out of the tallboy pours a hazy orange-yellow colour with a white dense head that begun to lace the glassware with every sip.  The aroma is enticing and piney infused with grapefruit and sweet citrus notes.

With that first sip, it is a smooth mouthfeel that bursts with citrus peel, grapefruit that ends with a slight bitterness.  It’s a juicy IPA that will please the palate of those hop lovers.  It’s also a juicy IPA that will also please the palate of those hop lovers who doesn’t mind a little bitterness.


I’ve asked Big Rig Brewery what have they done to the recipe? Because I remember when I first had this, it was more of a piney maltbomb than a hopbomb (that I remember!) – they didn’t really change the recipe at all, they started using a hop egg which incredibly helped this IPA in a big hoppy way.  If you haven’t had Alpha Bomb IPA in a while or haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend this tasty treat of a IPA.

Alpha Bomb IPA will be joining the ranks in the rotation of the fridge, it’s that tasty.


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