When I first got into Ontario Craft Beer, I still remember that I was really, really into IPAs and Dead Elephant IPA from Railway City was one of my beloved.   Later on, the legend of Mad Tom came into my life and my fridge on a weekly rotation.


Let’s rediscover Ontario Craft Beer once again.   What’s this all about?  Well, let’s go back and rediscover the “classics”, so to say (well, at least, for me.)

Let’s start.


  • IPA
  • 6.4%

What does it look like?


Well, you’ll be surprised if you’ve been drinking all these hazy IPAs recently.  Because it doesn’t look like that.   It’s bronze in colour with a faint gloom and clear body.

How does it smell? 

Big notes of pine, leafy, and grapefruit.

And that first sip? 

That first sip was smooth, full of pine resin and grapefruit notes with a lovely low bitterness bite.


What’s the bottom line?

It’s still a decent IPA that stands up to the rest of the IPAs at the LCBO and The Beer Store.   If you’re looking for an IPA without all that lactose, haze and straight up an India Pale Ale.  Well, look no further than Mad Tom IPA from Muskoka Brewery.   In a way, it’s almost like Canuck Pale Ale on Steroids, oddly.   Man, Mad Tom and Gordie hanging out together?  That’ll be a helluva camping trip.


If you’re looking to discover Ontario Craft Beer, why don’t you grab a can of Mad Tom IPA and start exploring?



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