Hanlan’s Point by Great Lakes Brewery

On this cold, snowy day in January, Hanlan’s Point was enjoyed to the fullest. It’s a Coconut Coffee Porter that was brewed by Great Lakes Brewery in collaboration with Bar Hop for the Tank Ten series. Long way back, I had this in the big 650ml bottle and it was delicious.

Shall we check it out? Let’s go.

In January 1997, Gordie Levesque attempted to make his first trip out of Canada. Unfortunately, they informed him at the airport that he needed a passport to fly. Undaunted, Gordie took his speedo and hit the closest beach he could find. He spent the remainder of the winter sipping on Mai Tais. Legend has it, he survived only on ice fishing and popcorn from the previous summer at Centreville.

Hanlan’s Point Tallboy

The artwork features Gordie, a handsome Lumberjack that surprisingly has a chest tattoo in his speedo on a beach chair, drinking a Mai Tai. Behind him is the Toronto Skyline in Winter. It’s a classic GLB label.

As I pour the beer into a glass, the aroma is filled with sweet notes of coffee. Yes, sweet as in…sweet, I suppose. However, it’s more of a cold coffee that has been sitting all day on the coffee table while you tend to the kids’ needs. The appearance is Porter-like, dark brown with a mocha head that quickly disappeared, leaving a layer on top.

And that first sip? Well, it’s a bitter and medium-bodied with notes of bitter coffee, toasted malts, and very faint notes of toasted coconut. I’m not really picking up that flavour at all. It’s very faint.

However, that being said, it’s still a solid Porter with the ABV of 6.5% that won’t make you feel full if you have one or two. It’s also a solid Porter after shovelling the driveway or taking the dog out for a nice Winter’s walk. Keep in mind, this is a seasonal GLB and that you should check their Instagram/Twitter feed regarding the beer releases. If it’s in stock, grab one or two!


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