FROM THE ARCHIVES: Irish Red by Brock St. Brewing Co.

REVIEW: Irish Red by Brock St. Brewing Co.

Posted by thebrewhead on July 28, 2016August 22, 2016

This beer recently won Gold at Ontario Brewing Awards 2016.   Yup, this is Irish Red from Brock St. Brewing Co. located in Whitby, ON.    Let’s get to it, shall we?

Out of the tallboy pours a black-like body with ruby undertone shining through with a head that quickly dissipated.   The aroma is bready with toasted biscuits and grains.

And this is where it went downhill, the taste is toasted biscuits and toffee notes.   This is disappointing.  The body is thin and weak, hardly any body at all.   And this won OBA Gold (mind baffling!) this year. With that taste followed with a weird aftertaste.   Just disappointing.

It’s atrocious.

I had to ask a few buddies of mine about this beer and they were in the same boat with me.  It’s literally that bad.  I’m not one to be all negative about a beer but really, I can’t find anything positive about this beer.   The body is missing, the flavours are missing, maybe this is a bad batch, whatever the reason is, it’s just not good.

I can’t even give it a rating.  Yes, I can’t even give it a rating.

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