FROM THE ARCHIVES: Larry IPA by Barncat Artisan Ales

“From The Archives” is a small series of written reviews that was posted on The Brew Head’s website before GoDaddy screwed up and crashed the website, resulting in the loss of data. Enjoy these reviews!”

  1. REVIEW: Larry IPA by Barncat Artisan Ales

Posted by thebrewhead on August 20, 2016August 22, 2016

Whoa. Look out, there’s a new brewery on the Ontario scene.  Barncat Artisan Ales, which recently opened a couple months ago in Cambridge, Ontario.  Barncat has been brewing tons of fantastic beer since they’ve been opened…. From The Juice (Watch my review here!) to Bump N’ Grind to…Larry?  Yes, that’s right, it’s a beer called Larry.   I’m not actually sure if it’s a homage to Larry of Three Stooges.   Larry is a IPA that has been brewed with Centennial and Motueka hops.  

From the brewery;

It’s a IPA brewed with Centennial and Motueka hops.

Short but sweet.

Don’t be afraid by the appearance of its murky and unfiltered orange colour.  This is Barncat’s trademark.  I get so excited, not that kind of excited to see that totally murkiness and unfiltered appearance.   The aroma is of earthy tones with pine and citrus.

With a sip, Larry “explodes” on my palate with a creamy smooth beginning of hops, fruitness (mango, melon), and of course slight sticky pine finish.  Larry IPA is a 6.8%  and not sure of the IBU, but it’s hardly bitter though.

That being said, Larry is a medium-bodied with lots of citrus and pine.  I have to say that Larry, the IPA, is one of the best IPAs here in Ontario.  It’s almost right up there with IPAs from Vermont.  I almost get a taste of Vermont in Larry.

If you haven’t been to Barncat yet, make it so with your next visit.  However, their hours are quite limited to the weekend (Friday to Sunday) – check their website for updates and hours.  They are currently filling 2L & 1L growlers at the moment. They are filling OTHER breweries’ growlers which is…quite awesome.  Even I do keep a growler or two on hands in case, I decided to purchase Barncat’s growlers because I just love their logo (and the secondary logo with the Maze.)  At the time of this blog post, they are selling Rat Queen in 750ml bottles and it’s quite limited.

Larry, you are a whooping 4.5 out of pints!

I wonder if Barncat will do a “Big Larry” in the future? #drools 



Appearance | Murky & unfiltered orange colour with a white head.

Aroma | Pine, citrus, earthy.

Taste | Pine, hops, melon, mango, and citrus notes.

Rating | 4.5/5 Pints

Purchased | Brewery Only (1L Growler)

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