FROM THE ARCHIVES: Pale Ale by Black Oaks Brewing Co.

  • STYLE: English Pale Ale
  • ABV: 5%
  • IBU: N/A
  • COUNTRY: Canada
  • REGION: Toronto, ON
  • BREWERY: Black Oak Brewing Co.
  • TWITTER: @blackoakbrewing

The Introduction

Our Pale Ale is full of flavour yet smooth and easy to drink!  This amber-coloured, hand-crafted brew has a great citrus hoppy aroma, wonderful medium body, mild carbonation with a refreshing hop finish.

Enjoy this small batch brewed, balanced Pale Ale either on its own or pair it with something spicy to keep your palate ready for more flavour.

We’ve been brewing our award winning Pale Ale since 1999 – here’s to a classic!


Ken & the Black Oak team

Appearance | Clear amber with an off-white head that quickly dissipates.

Smell | Citrus, resin, and floral hops

Taste | Subtle notes of straw, malts, citrus, zest, medium hop bitterness with a slight caramel and medium bitter finish.

Overall |  Arriving in tallboy form, from Black Oak Brewing Co., this is Pale Ale.

Out of the bright yellow tallboy pours an amber colour with an off-white head.  The aroma is full of citrus notes, floral hops, and resin.  The aroma is mostly indicative of the taste, in combination with a slight taste of straw, malts, and hop bitterness.    It’s a medium bodied beer that has a good balance of bitterness and citrus notes.   There’s a reason why this delicious Pale Ale has been around since 1999; well, it’s delicious.   For a beer that was in bottles for so long, I’m glad to see that Black Oaks made the long awaited switch to tallboys.   This will be easier for me to take on camping trips.

Let’s call this Pale Ale a warm-up to their Imperial India Pale Ale, 10 Bitter Years which it is incredibly hoppy and tasty. Also in their lineup, Black Oak has Nut Brown Ale, and their ever-tasty and seasonal Nutcracker Porter! All worth checking out.

With the switch to the 473ml tallboy, Pale Ale isn’t alone.   Nut Brown Ale also made the switch which will be the next review on

More details

Price | $2.85

Size | 473ml Tallboy

Purchasing | LCBO | Brewery


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