FROM THE ARCHIVES: Short Pier, Long Walk by Refined Fool Brewing Co.


Time to get philosophical. Ever imagine coming to the end of a pier and wishing it just kept going? This exact feeling will be exhumed when experiencing this Double IPA. So go on, take one step further, one more sip, miracles may just occur.

Large dry hop additions to this beer lead to the hop flavors leading the flavor with a clean tasting malt backbone which allows the hops to shine. The hop profile is rich and well balanced, and can be described as slightly piney earthy/spicy, floral and citrusy/grapefruity.

– Refined Fool Brewing Co. 

Tucked in near the border of Lake Huron, Refined Fool Brewing Co. is located in Sarnia, ON.   This double IPA of Short Pier, Long Walk, which I’m excited to try, has finally hit the LCBOs here in Guelph, ON.   I’ve been trying to get my hands on anything from Refined Fool since they opened.

Out of the bottle, recognizable by its simple label of red, white, and black, pours a hazy and unfiltered orange coloured brew with a hefty, foamy head.   Talk about a wet, juicy, hoppy aroma that has all kinds of notes of citrus zest, tropical citrus, and pine.  It’s quite delightful if you ask me.  There’s a lot going on for the palate. From the hops to citrus zest to piney to grapefruit, it’s refreshing but not overwhelming, as might be expected for a beer with an ABV of 8.4%. I’ll be honest, it’s big…and dangerous because it doesn’t taste that big.

I’m quite pleased with my first experience of Refined Fool Brewing Co. I will make it a mission to hunt out other brews from these guys.  Perhaps a ‘BrewHop’ to Sarnia is in the works?

  1. Quick  Notes…

APPEARANCE | Hazy and unfiltered orange with a hefty, foamy white head.

SMELL | Juicy, citrus zest, tropical citrus, and pine resin.

TASTE | Juicy, citrus zest, grapefruit, pine, and hops.

STYLE | Imperial IPA

ABV | 8.4%

IBU | 100+

PRICE | $9

SIZE | 750ml bottle


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