FROM THE ARCHIVES: Starke Pils by Amsterdam Brewing

  1. REVIEW: Starke Pils by Amsterdam Brewery

Posted by thebrewhead on June 10, 2016August 22, 2016

Well, they were right when they said it isn’t your traditional Pilsner.

Out of the tallboy pours a light hazy straw colour with a dense white head that also laces the glassware. The aroma is of a simple Pilsner with its refreshing notes of grains and hops. The taste is hoppy, crisp and bold (yet light) with its medium bitterness, spices, and dried fruit.

From Amsterdam Brewery;

The idea with Starke was to brew a fairly traditional Czech style Pilsner, but to leave it unfiltered and to hop it aggressively as well as adding a dry-hop to the process. The result is a refreshing golden Pilsner with a rich body and some spicy, grassy notes from the hops as well as a slight resiny finish.

This is a Pilsner that I could see myself drinking more often this Summer over than the other Pilsners that Ontario has to offer. Starke Pils is part of Amsterdam’s Seasonal Series and would be a welcome addition to the regular line-up.

As Ontario would have a lot of Pilsners on hand, this is one of the best in the province. Starke Pils is a hoppy and refreshing Pilsner that deserves the rating of 3.5 out of 5 pints.

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