FROM THE ARCHIVES: Uncharted IPA by Stone City Ales


This bottle of Stone City’s Uncharted IPA was given to me by a buddy of mine and craft beer lover, Mike.   He went out on a road trip with his girlfriend out East and picked up quite a few bottles out there.   Thanks again for giving this bottle for a review!  So, here we go.

Our aromatic West Coast style IPA was made for those of you who love big taste and hop flavour.
This beer is intensely hopped with Mosaic for pineapple, Equinox for tropical fruit, Centennial for floral citrusy-ness and Chinook for spicy hoppiness. Extremely well rounded and drinkable this crisp, dry IPA leaves you with lingering hop flavour. While not as malty as others – it’s big on flavour, not on bitterness.

– Stone City Ales 

Out of the 660ml bottle pours a clear golden colour with a hefty white head that laces the glass.   The aroma is incredibly refreshing, bursting with massive juicy citrus notes, tropical fruit and pine resin.    With its IBU of 70, it’s truly flavourful with dense notes of citrus, fruit, and hops.   It’s not your typical West Coast style IPA where it would be more of a malt base, but this one is hitting all the right notes over here.

I really can’t say anything bad about this one.  It’s seriously that good.   This is actually my second Stone City beer (first being Nellie Jean, a Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale and yes, it was really good too!).  I’ll be honest here, they haven’t let me down at all.   I think a trip to Kingston will have to be planned in the future (or get somebody to bring back Stone City Ales to Guelph for me!)

I would have to give this one a whoopin’ 4.5 out of 5.   It’s so refreshing, so enjoyable, and hoppily delicious!

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