FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Million Dollar Shag by 5 Paddles Brewing Co.

REVIEW: The Million Dollar Shag by 5 Paddles Brewing Co.

Posted by thebrewhead on July 28, 2016August 22, 2016

Spring weather is finally here.   With the first patio beer of 2016, I picked The Million Dollar Shag, a Raspberry Hibiscus from 5 Paddles Brewing Co.  I recently got this bottle from the April’s Brew Box (which also came with In Your Face IPA as well).

From the brewery;

Bright raspberry flavour & aroma mingle with beautiful floral hibiscus in this saison that you will not soon forget.

Talk about a shag!  This unfiltered Hibiscus Saison with incredible burst of raspberries on the aroma and taste, it is a delightful treat from the guys at 5 Paddles Brewing Co.  Out of the bottle pours a light-red-orange colour with a slightly off-white head.  The aroma is bursting with raspberries, hibiscus, and more raspberries!    With a sip on the tongue, it is tart, dry, and raspberry dominating.   It’s a light-bodied with small bitterness and easily enjoyable.  With the 6.5% ABV, you hardly taste that at all.   I’m glad that I picked this to be my first patio beer of 2016.  The Million Dollar Shag blended perfectly with the warm Spring weather.    Actually, this Saison would be tremendous for any kind of weather.

That being said, The Million Dollar Shag would get a respectable 4 out of 5 pints. I need to grab more of this tart saison for the Summer!


Appearance | Light red-orange colour with a slight off-white head.

Aroma | Raspberries, floral (Hibiscus)

Taste | Raspberries, tart/dry finish, subtle sourness and hibiscus.

Rating | 4/5 Pints

Purchased | Brewery Only (Got this in April’s Brew Box)

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