Jurassic IPA by Cameron’s Brewing Co.

And just like that, Cameron’s Brewing out of Oakville, Ontario dropped a brand new IPA on us, called Jurassic IPA which could be a homage to the Raptors’ NBA Championship or what I really want to believe, a tribute to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

Jurassic IPA

Like the king of dinosaurs this IPA has a huge presence and refuses to be ignored thanks to its three complimentary hops. A golden hue greets the eyes while the nose is welcomed with citrus, grapefruit & mango aromatics. Starts simple but becomes more complex with each sip. The body’s clean effervescence bubbles forth with juicy vibrant fruit tones and finishes crisp and clean.

Jurassic IPA of Cameron’s Brewing Co.

Out of the tallboy pours a golden hue with a white foamy head that dissipates and laces the glassware with every sip that I take.

A tribute to Jurassic Park or The Toronto Raptors?

The aroma is of zesty citrus peel, grapefruit and pine resin. I’m liking this already.

And that first sip….Oh it’s absolutely delightful! There’s a West Coast (THANK YOU!) vibe going on with this one, starting off smooth yet you get the flavours of pine resin, grapefruit, mango and peel. It’s not a full-bodied IPA which makes it awesome. I find that a lot of the hazy IPAs, especially NEIPAs can make you full pretty quick. Well, anything with lactose as well. It’s smooth, juicy (in a non-fruit-puree-way, of course!), and piney. This is a winner in my eyes and a IPA that I can enjoy over and over.

a colourful design with leaves and a T-Rex.

As I finish the beer, it’s more complex and smooth with a juicy finish that leaves you wanting another one of these Jurassic IPA. These days, this kind of IPA is somewhat a rarity since more breweries are brewing these hazy, fruit puree, juicy IPAs. I will embrace Jurassic IPA with a T-Rex hug.

Cameron’s Brewing Co. has been a seriously underrated and consistently brewery in Ontario these days with hits like this one, 12 Mile IPL, First Light, and more. Heck, even their Barley Wines, Early Bird Breakfast and Where The Buffalo Roam are incredible. So my verdict for Jurassic IPA? Get it, enjoy it, and repeat. I can see Jurassic IPA becoming a personal rotation in the fridge downstairs.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ll need to put on Jurassic Park and crack open one of these!

“Like the king of dinosaurs….”

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