A New Start, yes, that post again.

It seems that I tend to write one of these posts every once in awhile declaring that I will be overhauling my beer blog. Well, it’s that post again, to be honest.

Lately, I haven’t been posting much content in terms of the blog, The Beer Program, and more. It seems all so focused on the Social Media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.) But I want to move away from that and start creating more content. I started this blog in November of 2011 with the intention of having fun with this beer blog, to showcase Ontario Craft Beer and you know, I feel that I’ve accomplished that in the last few years.

With life coming at you with every milestone such as having a kid, getting married, getting a big job promotion, buying a house, these milestones can tend to slow down the content for the beer blog for all good reasons. Lately, I’ve been missing out on creating content, reviewing beer (but hey, I’ve been enjoying the beer without the added pressure that I need to review this and review that for my YouTube, etc etc.) So furthermore, here are my goals for 2019-2020. Hindsight, so to say!

The Blog; I want to start reviewing more beers in the written format like I did when I started out. I also want to create more posts, not just about reviews but in general of what the hell is going on the scene. Maybe do a few photoshoots here and there. A picture says a thousand words.

YouTube; I will continue to do “The Beer Program” while starting up a new segment called “Rewind N’ Refresh” which it’s all about pairing a VHS with a craft beer, you read that right. VHS?! So I’m excited to get that project going since I thought about it a couple years ago and massively built a huge collection in that period.

Social Media; As usual, more content on Instagram and Twitter. Facebook doesn’t really count, I just usually post to Facebook from Instagram, best of both worlds. Who the hell uses Facebook anyways?

Suggestions; If you have any other suggestions that you want to see, please let me know. I will look into it and see if it can work.

I’m looking to make this fun again. I will make it fun. It will be fun.




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