Hello Gordie, is it me you’re looking for?

In this blog post where Adam just ramble on about Gordie, the legendary and handsome lumberjack of Great Lakes Brewery. Read on.

With the online ordering which has pretty much gone on a rocket towards the moon, you should able to get any beer you want. Well, unless you’re a big fan of Great Lakes Brewery and you’re shit out of luck if you’re not in Toronto, Etobicoke or Scarborough. Yes, I’m talking about the one and the only legendary Gordie, that handsome lumberjack (Canuck Pale Ale) that always has a home in my personal fridge, the beer that calms me down after a long day at work or just straight up having a beer, no frills and all.

The last time that I had Gordie was March 14th or something like that, it was literally the week that the COVID19 crisis has took over Ontario. I went to the Beer Store after I finished my shift at the grocery store (where I work as a department manager) and grabbed a case of Gordie. I honestly don’t grab cases these days, it’s pretty rare for me to grab a case unless I’m going to the cottage or festival camping. It’s usually Gordie or Helles Yeah from Wellington Brewery.

I have so many memories regarding Gordie, to be honest with you. I remember Troy giving me a case of Gordie after my appointment at Sunnybrook for my Cochlear Implant, he told me… This is for you, you’ve been a big fan of Gordie, you just celebrated a lot of milestones (new house, cochlear implant, and having the second baby) yeah, it’s a lot of milestones, that’s for sure. I also remember having a Gordie when we came home from the hospital with Marlow, my youngest and just looking at Marlow. Hell, we sneaked in a couple Gordies when we had Quinlynn, my oldest into the hospital to celebrate. I know, I feel that I’m just going on and on about Gordie. Well, to be honest with you, I’m just a really…really… big fan of Gordie.

Since I work in a grocery store and pretty much a essential worker on the front lines, I don’t really think of myself being on the front lines, that’s all the nurses, doctors and those in the medical field. I tend to limit my movement, so I don’t go anywhere else other than home and work. Luckily for me, we have online beer orders. Since this has all started, I’ve ordered from Royal City (twice!) and Sawdust City (big order!) with plans to order from Wellington, Fixed Gear, and Brothers in the future.

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale by Great Lakes Brewery
Crazy Canuck Pale Ale by Great Lakes Brewery

But when will I meet Gordie again? I don’t know. I know you’re likely reading this right now and be like “Don’t you sell beer in your grocery store?” – Well, yes, we used to. That’s out of the question. “Why don’t you go to The Beer Store or LCBO?” well, after working more than 8 hours in a grocery store, the last thing that I want to do is to hit up yet another busy location. I much rather head home, shower, get my clothes in the laundry, and just relax for the evening. “Yeah, why don’t you order from LCBO?” – do I really want to do that?

I’m reminded of a song that was used in my favourite movie, Dr. Strangelove; or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn – Listen to the song below.

Gordie, you will be missed…for now.

Yes, I know. You’re so cheesy, Adam.

So that being said, do you have a beer that you miss but haven’t had it since this started? Let me know.



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