This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and Elora Brewing. Ever since I moved to Fergus, merely minutes from the brewery over in Elora, I’ve been grabbing more Elora than years past. When I heard on Wednesday or Thursday that Elora was going to release a Stout, I can say that I was more than excited to grab this.

This is Blackbird, a Imperial Stout with Cherry, Amaretto, and Lactose. It’s a light heavyweight at 8.5% which I’ll explain later in this review.

The Appearance

In shades of blues and purples, there’s a bird that has a cherry in its mouth and wearing a cute little toque. I’m always impressed with the simplicity of the artwork that they do for their beer. Eye-catching, simple, and less is more. Out of the can pours a black silky body with a off white head that quickly dissipates to not even lacing the glassware. Also, I picked up their glassware as well, I went with the Teku 2.0 (I believe…)

Let’s Drink!

Out of the can pours a black and silky body with the aroma of sweet, caramel, chocolate, and very subtle notes of cherries. But that first sip bought a wave of flavours such as Cherries, Caramel, Chocolate, and subtle roasted malts. The mouthfeel is creamy, smooth, and silky. Immediately, I knew this was going to be a slow sipper because it’s such a dessert beer. It’s sweet to the taste, slow sipper because of the ABV. I feel that the ABV isn’t really all there which makes it dangerous to drink this. But that being said, it’s a perfect companion for a great meal like a Ribeye Steak, Peppers, Mushrooms, Risotto, and you just want something a little less filling for dessert. Blackbird will fly for that.

How do we feel about this?

Well, if you’re a fan of dessert beers or even sweet beers in general, you’ll like this for sure. And since I’m being honest, I only had one of these for myself and thought this is a night capper, at least. You wouldn’t want to drink multiple of Blackbirds or you’ll just end up feeling way too full like at Thanksgiving. I can see this being a hit with Beer Floats, what? You didn’t know that you could easily just add French Vanilla ice cream and add this, it would be pretty darn tasty. Especially with a cherry on top.

You can purchase this at the brewery (online ordering is available.) and it’s not in the LCBO. At the time of writing, Elora only has a couple of beers in the LCBO (Shine being one.) Go ahead and check out Elora Brewing Co. They’re offering different styles at the moment (including a German Lager, Winter Warmer, Saison, Stout, and lots of different IPAs)


There’s no rating on this site – because ratings are overrated. I write my beer reviews as how I taste it. I purchase all beers unless breweries offers them for review purpose. I don’t ask for free beer.

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