Going Forward

In recent years, I’ve noticed a decline in my blogging and I want to change that. It’s amazing how the landscape of Ontario Craft Beer has changed since I’ve started this blog way way back in 2010? 2008? I honestly don’t remember. I still remember getting excited at the LCBO and finding new craft beer to try and review for my blog. I remember that Dead Elephant IPA from Railway City was my first Ontario Craft Beer and how I loved it.

That being said, since the landscape has changed dramatically and I feel overwhelmed that I need to review everything. WEll, that’s the case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – I don’t have that anymore. I remembered when Barncat opened and they had a BROWN ALE! That’s how long ago it was. Seeing that I live in Fergus, Ontario (20 minutes north of Guelph) and less than 5 minutes from Elora. I want to refocus my beer blog on a certain part of Ontario. The South Western Ontario, so to say. I figured that I could easily do reviews on the go with breweries such as Royal City, Wellington, Elora, Brothers, Fixed Gear and surrounding areas (like Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, St. Jacobs, Elmira)

I think this would be more doable than trying to go out to the GTA and other areas of Ontario. There are so many bloggers out there in those part of Ontario that could review those breweries.

What does that mean for The Brew Head?

Well, I’ll continue to review the beers that are local, LCBO, The Beer Store, etc etc. I’m also heading back to the writing world. As much as I love doing The Beer Program, I’m not getting a lot of views over there so, it’s pretty much on the shelf for now. So expect to see more posts on here, Instagram and Twitter. I’m trying to find my roots again and I want to get back into this hobby. Especially now in the times of COVID, we need a hobby or two to keep ourselves occupied. You can only watch Star Wars so many times before you get bored.

I’ve been so incredibly busy this year with my job (I work in a grocery store) and of course, COVID-19 is here (and only temporary) so I have a lot of stress that I carry, I want to stop carrying that stress and do something else that makes me happy. I feel that writing makes me happy. You get me the right kind of music, a laptop, and a beer, I happily will write a review and become care-free, for a few moment, it’s like the World isn’t around, like as if COVID isn’t around. In a way, it becomes my stress reliever. So I hope you don’t mind reading!

What’s the Plan?

Well, for once, I’m going to start with at least 3 reviews a week and we’ll go from there. But if you want more reviews, hit up Drunk Polkaroo on YouTube/Instagram. He’s constantly giving out reviews and getting the latest beer from the breweries. So he’s more updated than I am (unless I’m writing about Elora and Guelph Beer!)



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