It’s moments like these when I wish I owned Short Circuit on VHS. Yes, that movie from the 80’s about a runaway robot which ironically looks like the artwork on Elora Brewing’s Short Circuit IPA. Once again, Elora Brewing is showcasing the hops in this beer with Eclipse, Topaz and Idaho 7.

To be honest, I went to Elora Brewing expecting to pick up that Blackbird Imperial Stout but I ended up leaving with more beers than I expected, and a glassware to boot. Just don’t tell the wife.

This is Short Circuit, a IPA with Eclipse, Topaz, and Idaho 7 hops. It’s a IPA that clocks in at 6.6%, a reasonable ABV for IPA. Let’s get into it.

The Appearance

Just like Blackbird, the artwork features the shades of blues and purples along with a great illustration of a robot on the run. Again, I’m always impressed with the graphic design direction that Elora Brewing is going with. Simple, easy, and of course, less is more.

Let’s Drink!

Out of the can pours a light-yellow-orange hazy body with a fluffy white head that quickly laced the glassware with every sip that I take. The head doesn’t last long but it’s there on the glassware. The aroma is tropical with notes of pineapples, melons, and peel. That first sip that I take, you get that exact same aroma with notes of pineapples, melons, citrus peel and danky bitterness. I’m also picking up pine resin as well (that’s ALWAYS welcome in beer, to be honest.) It’s a medium bodied IPA that really showcases the best of these hops that they went with. This is what I like to see in a brewery, different styles, different hops. Beer should be fun. Elora is making their beer fun.

According to Untappd, bleh, Short Circuit has a IBU of N/A. This is why I don’t really care for Untappd. But that’s another post for another day.

How do we feel about this?

Honestly, it’s one of the better IPAs that I had in the last year. It’s a juicy dank beer that actually has some highlights of a beer, like pine resin, bitterness while maintaining the juicy side of the IPA. Does that make any friggin’ sense at all? Honestly, I think it does. I’m tired of these NEIPAs, IPAs that are straight up juice. Yeah, call me a old man but I’m being honest. It’s getting pretty boring but I understand why breweries are doing it, for those who absolutely love those hazy and juicy IPAs.

That being said, if you have a chance to hit up (well, order online as well) Elora Brewing. You should check out Short Circuit and you should also watch the movie of the same title as well. There’s also a sequel too. Maybe, Elora will do a sequel to this.


There’s no rating on this site – because ratings are overrated. I write my beer reviews as how I taste it. I purchase all beers unless breweries offers them for review purpose. I don’t ask for free beer. Support your local brewery.

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