Who’s The Brew Head?

I don’t know when I turned into a beer snob, but since then I’ve liberally labelled myself as a “beer connoisseur”.  My focus is Ontario Craft Beer (or Ontario Beer, you know, the crafty kind.) because I’ve realized that there is more to beer than just alcohol content. Beer is a way of life. Paired with a good brew, food can taste better, music can sound more lively, and conversations can become more interesting. As somebody who has figured this out already, I feel that it’s my duty to let everybody else in on this secret. If on my mission, this turns into something more serious or lucrative, I’d welcome any challenge that required me to drink a beer and tell people about it.

My name is Adam Kemp and, well, I wear many hats from a Graphic Designer to Assistant Department Manager at a grocery store.   I currently live in Guelph, Ontario, the Royal City.   Also the home of many breweries such as Wellington Brewery, Royal City Brewing, Brothers Brewing, Sleeman, and Fixed Gear Brewing. Plus, there are a few more in the works!  It’s an exciting time in Guelph these days!


These days, you may see me at The Wooly or Baker Street Station or Brothers Brewing, but really, the majority of time, I hang out in the backyard with the smoker, hanging out with neighbours, and of course playing with my two little girls!  My house is the only one with a Washington Capitals flag!



*DISCLAIMER – I’m not interested in being a beer influencer or asking breweries for free beer in exchange for social media exposure. My reviews are honest and fun. However if you are interested in sending me beer for the sole purpose of reviewing or gulping it down, I’ll be happy to accept it. *

Cheers to Ontario Craft Beer!