Ale N’ Meat

Ale N’ Meat
Smokin’, BBQin’ and Bakin’, All about Beer N’ Meat.

what the hell is ale n’ meat?

Ale N’ Meat is a new segment for The Brew Head featuring his new baby, the legendary Traeger Pro 780 which he lovingly called “Denver” after one of the greatest musicians of all time, John Fucking Denver. Ale N’ Meat will feature recipes, reviews, and likely rants. Check it out over at The Brew Head’s YouTube channel where you will find many episodes of The Beer Program as well.

In due time, this page will just be a landing spot for the social media accounts featuring Ale N’ Meat. For now, follow @TheBrewHead on Instagram. All social media links are featured at the top of the page.


“Country roads, take me home…”

John Fucking Denver