#AleNMeat | Meet Denver!

Meet Denver! That's right, I named my brand new Traeger Pro 780! And moreso, after John Fucking Denver! Why am I typing about this? Well, let's see... Ale N' Meat is a new segment for The Brew Head, so to say under the umbrella of many ideas that I have in my mind and you'll … Continue reading #AleNMeat | Meet Denver!

Hello Gordie, is it me you’re looking for?

In this blog post where Adam just ramble on about Gordie, the legendary and handsome lumberjack of Great Lakes Brewery. Read on. With the online ordering which has pretty much gone on a rocket towards the moon, you should able to get any beer you want. Well, unless you're a big fan of Great Lakes … Continue reading Hello Gordie, is it me you’re looking for?