KYB: Paul from The Woolwich Arrow

First, what is ‘Know Your Bartenders’? It’s a new feature that will be on where we will ask a few questions to know them. Don’t be afraid to ask your bartender about what’s new on tap or for recommendations.

Know Your Bartenders - Paul from The Woolwich Arrow

The first edition of ‘Know Your Bartenders’ will be focusing on Paul at The Woolwich Arrow in Guelph, ON.

Paul grew up 15 minutes away from Guelph, in a small little town called Fergus. He’s been with The Woolwich Arrow for a couple of years now.

What brew got you into the craft beer industry?

Stonehammer Pilsner.

Besides bartendering, what’s your favourite hobby?

Sports, especially tennis.

If you could only have one style of beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Imperial stout.

What is your favourite craft brewery at the moment?

Great Lakes Brewery.

Do you prefer cask or draught?


Most importantly, what’s your message to the craft beer drinkers?

Don’t be beer snobs.

And that’s the first edition of Know Your Bartenders!

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