#AleNMeat | Meet Denver!

Meet Denver! That’s right, I named my brand new Traeger Pro 780! And moreso, after John Fucking Denver! Why am I typing about this? Well, let’s see… Ale N’ Meat is a new segment for The Brew Head, so to say under the umbrella of many ideas that I have in my mind and you’ll likely say to yourself “Are you really going to do this, Adam” or “Well, let’s see if it comes to fruition….because Rewind N’ Refresh didn’t.”

Well, to be honest, Rewind N’ Refresh is actually on hold since all of my VHS are packed up for moving, yes, I know! During this time of crisis? Well, we haven’t listed the house yet. But we’ll get there when we do.

However back to Ale N’ Meat, you may ask yourself what the hell is Ale N’ Meat? Well, I like to think it’ll be a cooking show on YouTube or IGTV, I don’t know, really. But I figured that I would like to show off some of my great cooking (or bad cooking to you!) but in the end, the results will be delicious!

Why Denver? JOHN FUCKING DENVER, that’s why. Country Roads. Rocky Mountain High. Annie’s Song. Please Daddy. and so many more greatest hits of all time!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this new segment of The Brew Head and I will be posting some recipes on here as well. I’m trying to stay active, I know, I’m always saying I’m doing this or that but….it is what it is.



John Fucking Denver!

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